Title IX Operations and Covid-19

The Title IX Office is actively responding to reports and requests for consultation. If you are not currently working with someone in the office and want to make a report/request a consult, you can expect the fastest response by by using our online reporting link.


At this time we do not anticipate administrative delays, pending the health and wellbeing of the investigators. There may be good cause delays related to formal investigations and the alternative resolution process due to the illness of participants (complainants, respondents, and witnesses). We will notify both the complainant and respondent if any delays become necessary.


Normally, investigators try to conduct interviews in person. However, there are many circumstances in which this is not practical, such as when the interviewee is in another country. Then, it is generally both typical and sufficient to do the interview via videoconference or similar technology. For the protection of parties, advisors, witnesses, the hearing officer and coordinator, other UC staff, and those with whom they may come in contact, while guidance about social distancing is in effect, investigators will be utilizing technology such as videoconferencing consistent with existing practice and in alignment with the SVSH policy. Additionally, our campus will conduct pre-hearing meetings and hearings entirely remotely. 


Please see the following links for more information about our campus’s guidance on social distancing (accessible here), as well as Governor Newson’s Executive Order N-25-20 (here).