Record of Report

When someone reports to Title IX, a private record is made and recorded in the Title IX Office. The Title IX Office will reach out to the party who has allegedly been impacted (complainant) and invite them to meet with us, to ask questions, and to discuss safety and supportive measures. The complainant can choose whether or not to respond. 

What happens if a complainant responds to a Title IX Outreach?

When a complainant responds to Title IX's outreach they may set up a time to talk about their concerns and resolution options avilable to them. The resolution options may include: safety and supportive measures, an investigation, or alternative resolution. Responding to Title IX's outreach does not initiate any action by the Title IX Office but is an opportunity to ask questions and schedule a meeting with the office.

Is there a benefit of creating a Title IX report if the complainant does not want to work with Title IX?

While the Title IX Office's ability to respond is limited when a complainant does not choose to meet with our office, there are still some benefits. Reporting to Title IX creates a record of report in the internal Title IX system of record. The report can be beneficial because:

  • Title IX will have historical information should the problem persist or escalate.
  • Title IX may track additional allegations made against the same respondent by others.
  • Title IX may be able to provide supportive measures related to the report in the future, should the complainant request them.
  • The Title IX email outreach will share information about confidential options such as the CARE Office, CAPS, and EAP as well as other resources that may be helpful.
  • It’s not uncommon for someone to change their mind about how to proceed or whether they want support, after some time has passed. By having a report already on file, if the complainant ever does decide they want to move forward with an investigation or alternative resolution in the future, they would not have to file a new report.

Is there a deadline to file a Title IX report?

There is no deadline to file a Title IX report. We encourage you to report as soon as possible in order to ensure the maximum response options but the Title IX Office will receive reports any time after an incident has occurred.

Will the respondent be notified that a Title IX report was made?

The Title IX office will not reach out to the respondent without the complainant’s involvement, unless it is possible to do so without putting the complainant at risk. For example, if we receive a report about an incident which took place in front of many others and it would be unclear to determine who made the report, we may have a preventive conversation with the respondent about the impact of their statements or behavior on others without informing them who made the report to our office.

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