What should a responsible employee do if they receive a disclosure?

Check for Personal Safety

Put your personal safety first when responding to situation; Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings; Trust your instincts. If you sense imminent danger, call 911 immediately.

Check for Medical Need

Check on the need for medical safety and call 911 immediately if necessary.

Be Compassionate & Supportive

Do not ask too many questions. It is not your responsibility to investigate and it can be harmful. Let the survivor lead the conversation.

DO Promise Privacy, NOT Confidentiality

Let the REPORTING PARTY know that you are REQUIRED TO INFORM Title IX Office. but:

  • Will keep it private. Only “need to know” people will be informed by Title IX, without details, if needed to implement safety measures.
  • The Title IX Office will email the complainant (person who reported to you) with resources and options, but the complainant CAN CHOOSE whether to RESPOND.

Provide Resources & Options Handout

Hand the person a written copy of the Resources& Options Handout Link

  • These options include criminal and administrative reporting as well as non-reporting. This handout provides a brief description of each option.

Connect with resources

It is okay if you don't have all the answers. Connect the reporting party to CONFIDENTIAL RESOURCES with more experience:

  • Off-campus: Monarch Services: 24 HOUR RESPONSE (866) 900-4232.

Report to Title IX ASAP

Report a possible Title IX incident AS SOON AS POSSIBLE using this online reporting link or by calling the Title IX Office at (831) 459-2462. You MUST provide the Title IX Office with the name of the reporting party (if known) so that Title IX has a record of the report and can offer safety and supportive measures, resources, and reporting options.