SVSH Required Trainings


As part of a UC-wide education effort, all students, staff, and faculty are required to complete ongoing Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (SVSH) Prevention Training. Trainings are provided both online and in-person.

Staff & Faculty Training

The online SVSH Prevention trainings for staff, faculty, and student employees are provided through the UC Learning Center and questions about the employee trainings should be directed to

Undergraduate Training

For information about any of the WeAreSlugs! programs, including Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates and Sexual Assault Prevention for Adult Learners, please visit

Title IX also requires a campus based training (Zoom or Webinar format) for all incoming students in addition to the online training. For more information about SVSH prevention training for undergraduates visit this page.

Graduate Training

Information about sexual violence and sexual harassment prevention training for graduates can be found on the Title IX website here

Alternative Training Options

The trainings are mandatory but an alternative training option can be requested for those who have been impacted by sexual violence by emailing When emailing CARE please include the specific training title, your student or staff id, and your email.

In Person/Zoom Training Requests

Campus based Title IX trainings are also available by department or office upon request. To request a Title IX training, please contact

CARE Office Prevention training

The confidential CARE Office also provides training to prevent sexual violence, including bystander intervention. Use this link to request a CARE presentation. 

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