SVSH Prevention Training for Graduates

In order to ensure awareness of graduate student resources and reporting options all students are required to complete ongoing sexual violence/sexual harassment (SVSH) prevention training.  Incoming students must complete Title IX training (to learn about local campus resources and practices) and the online Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduates (SAPG) program provided by Everfi, while continuing students must complete SAPG only. Graduate students that do not complete the required course/s will have enrollment holds placed pending their completion.


Mandatory Trainings for Incoming Winter 2022 Graduate Students

Two trainings are required for incoming graduate students:

  1. Incoming graduates should accept the Canvas invitation for the W22 Title IX course so that they can complete this requirement. The training video and quiz can be found in the Title IX Orientation training module (includes the training video and corresponding quiz). Please watch the video and complete the quiz as soon as possible (before January 28th, 2022) in order to receive credit.
  2. Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduates (SAPG) online program provided by Everfi.


Is Training Mandatory?

  • Yes, new Winter 2021 students who do not complete SAPG will have spring enrollment holds placed on their accounts. 
  • SAPG will remain available by logging in directly to the Everfi website (using your gold password) but the hold will remain in place until completion. 
    • Please consider that once holds are placed, there will be a delay of up to one business day before the removal can be processed. 


Mandatory Continuing Graduate Student Training

  1. Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduates (SAPG) online program 
    1. Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduates (SAPG) is a mandatory online program created by Everfi.  
    2. Continuing graduate students are assigned the online Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduates course  in the winter but are not required to attend the Title IX training after their first year.


Accessing the online Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduates (SAPG)

How to access the SAPG program

  1. If you have not already done so, please activate your UCSC email address. Go to and log in using your CruzID and Gold password.
  2. You can access SAPG by logging in to your account and viewing your to-do list. (You will also receive an email generated by Everfi with the subject line: “Online Course Assigned to you by University of California - Santa Cruz” which includes a link to access the programs and subsequent reminders until completion.The University is working directly with EverFi and the link in the email is secure. )
    • SAPG will remain in your to-do list until completed.
    • If you are already logged in to UCSC, the link will take you directly into your assigned training. If not, please click on the green “UCSC Login” button to log in.
  3. You may log in and out of the program at the end of each section. The section ends are marked with a "Next" button. Do NOT log out until you click the "Next" button or you will have to repeat the entire section you just completed!
  4. For technical support visit
  5. If you have questions, email 



To request support accessing training due to a disability-related concern, please email:


Alternative Options for Students who have been impacted by Sexual Violence

These trainings are mandatory and there are no waivers. Alternate trainings are available for those who have difficulty with the content due to a previous experience of sexual misconduct. Please contact the confidential CARE Office by emailing to request an alternate training. Please include your student id and the name of the training you are requesting an alternative for. All requests for alternate trainings will be kept confidential.

For graduate students who completed the Sexual Violence Sexual Harassment Prevention Training in the Learning Center

If you have completed the training this academic year and would like to be exempted from the SAPG assignment,  email  o request an exemption. 

Please attach your certificate or forward your email verification of completion from the Learning Center and include your student id and UCSC email address.