SVSH Prevention Training Requirements for Faculty and Supervisors

  • As part of a UC wide effort to prevent and address sexual violence and sexual harassment (SVSH) , all university employees are required to complete SVSH prevention training. The SVSH Prevention training provides information on preventing and responding to sexual violence and sexual harassment and what each of us can to do to make our UC culture safer for all. The online SVSH Prevention trainings for staff and faculty are provided through the UC Learning Center at all UC locations.
  • Within a few days of being entered into the payroll system, Faculty and Supervisors are sent an automated invitation to complete the online training to their employee email address. Employees must complete the training within six weeks of the start of their employment. If a faculty or supervisor has completed the training for non supervisors in a previous position, they are still required to complete the training for faculty and supervisors. The training takes about two hours to complete and must be completed every two years. It meets the legal requirements of AB1825 and AB2053. To locate your training, login to the UC Learning Center and enter your username and gold password. If you have trouble logging in contact: