Sexual Assault Prevention

Mandatory SVSH Prevention Trainings

In order to promote awareness of resources and reporting options, and in recognition of federal government regulations and UC system wide guidelines, ALL students are required to complete sexual violence and sexual harassment prevention programming.   

Incoming Undergraduates must complete two SVSH Prevention Requirements

  1. Slugs CARE & Title IX Presentation (via Zoom Webinar or make-up assignment hosted on the Canvas course F21 Slugs CARE & Title IX) 
  2. Online Sexual Assault Prevention (SAP) program


Slugs CARE & Title IX Presentation Confirming Attendance & Make-Up Attendance 

Attendance will be completed and/or confirmed on the Canvas course F21 Slugs CARE & Title IX using assigned sections.

If you receive an email invitation from Canvas for  the “attended live webinar” section, please accept your section invitation to finalize your attendance. You do not need to do anything else but will have access to resources and information within the course throughout your time at UCSC.

If you receive an email invitation from Canvas for the “needs make-up training” section, please accept your section invitation to access the make-up training and complete the mandatory assignment.

If you did not receive an email invitation for either section, please email


Alternative Training Option

For students who anticipate difficulty with the training content due to a prior experience of sexual or relationship violence, an alternative training option is available by emailing the confidential CARE office at 

Please include the name of the training that you were assigned, your student ID number, and UCSC email address in your request.


Accessibility and Questions about Training

If you need any support accessing either of the trainings due to a disability-related access concern or have any questions, please email


SVSH Prevention Requirements for Student Employees 

The SVSH Prevention training for Non-Supervisors (includes undergraduate student employees) provides information about the reporting responsibilities for all UC employees. Within a few days of being entered into the payroll system, student employees will be sent an email to their UCSC email address with the training assignment. The training takes about 50 minutes to complete and provides important information about rights and resources as well as reporting responsibilities that all UC employees have. To access the employee training, login to the UC Learning Center and enter your username and gold password. 

New student employees must complete the staff training, in addition to the student training, unless they completed the staff training within the past two years.

For problems accessing the training email For more information about the training requirements contact